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“A portrayal in both Volume 1 & 2 of Lives On Hold encapsulates a riveting real life story that masterfully explores the combination of dedication and individual anguish as a young soldier endures the Vietnam War. Rohr explores the depths of those infantrymen who served in combat with genuine emotion that set the stage for how they live their lives today. A novel packed with moral dilemma and courage that culminates in the impenetrable power of comradeship. This book is a must read for those who viewed this painful war from afar and for those who experienced the war in the field and often negative homecoming for those who sacrificed for our nation. This novel is truly serious historic literature. ” Arvilla Ohlde

A short note to tell you what a great job you did on Volume 2.  Excellent, it wasn’t exaggerated, it wasn’t gory , it was truthful, to the point. Your analogy of facts and circumstances seemed  to be very reasonable. Dr. Paul Deschamp

Hi Jerry, WELCOME HOME.  We received your books and I finished reading both of them. I have  to tell you they are 2 of  the better books I have read about Vietnam , and I have read quite a few. I did enjoy your books and thanks again.  Medic Roger Shirkey                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I just finished Jerry Rohr’s last book, Volume 2, and would recommend it to all. especially if you have kids that would be interested in learning what their dads or uncles did during the  Vietnam War. It’s a good read and finally tells our story.. great job Jerry!  Thanks John (Doc) Schmidt

I just completed reading Volume 2 of Jerry Rohr’s book. I finished it while waiting for my wife at the clinic. I guess the others in the waiting room thought I was expecting her to die, because I kept brushing away tears;  at points I was touched deeply. If you haven’t read his books, I fully recommend both. Don Hill

Jerry, I have read you book until my old eyes could no longer focus. It is awesome. I loved the Godly aspect you have put into the writing;  I have never lost a child… Thanks again for writing the book and your labor of love.  Joe Luster

Just finished the 2nd book last night, truly a great work of describing life during and after Vietnam. It surely brought back a lot of memories, both good and bad. It’s sad how the returning men were treated. It’s one thing to not support the war but they could at least support and respect the men and women who answered their call to duty for all Americans.
Thank you so much for your vision and efforts to write these books. I have people waiting in line to read mine. God’s richest blessings to you and your family. Again a great piece of writing.
Gil Edgington

I spent about an hour reading excerpts from Volume 2 and enjoyed every bit of it. So I’m going to have to sit down and read it from the start now. I have a good HS buddy out in western Kansas that also wants to read it because he’s interested in the stories I’ve been telling him about our tour of duty. He asked me why I waited so long to talk to him about it. I told him it’s all kind of personal stuff and I didn’t think it’d interest him. He told me I should know better! So anyway, thanks so much for your book. I’m proud of you!   Bill

Lives On Hold 1st Edition 2003

This book should appeal to both men and women. Anyone who has loved ones in the service, the Viet Nam War, or any war will relate to the emotional hurt that these men went through. His war experience while serving in the Army shows what hardships they had to endure. By looking for answers to Jerry and Laura’s personal tragedy Jerry found a way to deal with his own grief by reaching out to others. Jerry was able to express his own feelings throughout the story and you find yourself grieving with him and his young family and also for his Army buddies. Bert of Federal Way

Jerry links life’s events together in spiritual ways, but life is spiritual if we are lucky enough to experience it deeply. I am biased, of course, but I think this is an amazing and emotional book. I will give this book to my two sons. Mark Culverhouse

Jerry, the book arrived and I could not put it down! Amazing and… wonderful -A.O.

Character Quotes:
“My daughter asked, “Dad, how did you remember all those details?” I replied that, “Just like the other writers, and all the rest of us, I live it every day, and those memories will only die when I do. No matter how much people love you, and how much you love them, if they weren’t there, they will never fully know what that place and time did to us.”  – DH

“Arriving at San Francisco International Airport and walking with a cane from a wound suffered months before, I enlisted the help of a baggage handler and was spit on because I was a returning Vietnam Veteran. Outside the airport, I hailed a cab, but the driver was reluctant to give me a ride. Then later, on a public bus I was spit on again. So much for being willing to sacrifice yourself in the line of duty to this nation, right or wrong. The great national division over the Vietnam War could not have been more plain.” – AM

“Jim, I can’t begin to imagine all you went through. Beginning with the circumstances you told me about what happened in the field (mistakenly put into a body bag) after you were wounded, through what you just described. Here’s hoping that the treatment of our wounded is better today than what you got while you were healing at a stateside hospital.” Your Brother in Arms- Don

“They kept us on the plane after we landed for maybe two hours, said there were anti-war protesters. Got on busses with mesh on the windows, they said it was to keep rocks, bottles from coming thru. That was only the start of a long, very unhappy homecoming. I came home 5/71, not all of me made it.” —DS

“I walked out the sliding glass doors and found a sheltered area to the left . There, looking skyward, and with voice cracking, I cried out to the Lord in a way similar to that night in the cemetery so many years before in Vietnam. It was the first time I experienced being fired upon and men went down on each side of me. This time, I looked heavenward and prayed, “Lord, I do not want to lose my son, but I pray that your will be done.” It was all I was capable of saying, and walking back into the hospital I felt the presence of a reassuring calm.” – the author

Why you don’t even know what will happen tomorrow? What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. James 4:14



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